In our Can Marlès estate in the Montmell, in a totally natural land, we offer the opportunity to see the 23 alpacas that live with us running through the vineyards. In 2016 arrived 4 females and 2 males of the Suri breed, making it to 2021 with a total of 11 new children born here, fully “Penedesencas”.

Our visitors will have the opportunity to know them closely, to feed them, to walk them, to know their customs…

Given their country of origin (Peru), they are very uncommon animals here. They belong to the camelid family, just like the llamas, they are incredibly intelligent, with their own character, sociable, sensitive and with a domestic capacity. The Suri breed has the second best wool in the world after Vicuña, and it stands low temperatures naturally. Globally, only a 14% of all alpacas are Suri. In Can Marlès they are not exploited in any way and our mission is to protect them to boost their population.

If you want to see our alpacas in person and live an amazing experience, all you have to do is come.
¡They love to meet new people!