Passionates about El Montmell

Majestic mountains cut the sky, the rosemary, thyme and fennel revive energies,
And wise hands caress the vineyards among the pines.
We are in a land of light and silence, of mountains and sun.
Where the trunk of the Tempranillo rivals the oak’s, where the land is ancient and wise.
A land that knows how to welcome new illusions, people with passion and wine projects that express authenticity with the place and the strength of our varieties.
A land where dreams are shared.
This is Can Marlès in El Montmell.

Since she was young, Lucía Pombo has been passionate about wine culture and the Montmell region, where she grew up and spent her childhood among the vineyards. She is the driving force behind and the responsible for making her dream come true out of an organic winery with land caressed by forests and the mountains of the Montmell mountain range, with high quality wines with a Penedès designation of origin. She started the project of recovering the winery as well as the Catalan farmhouse and its culture, restaurant-living and setting them up for high-level rural wine tourism. Defender of the authentic products of proximity, of own elaboration, lover of the wine culture of the zone, of the nature and the alpacas.

The purpose of this project in a valley as hidden as it is charming is to make possible something more than a business, to make Penedès grow in quality and to make it known to the world through wine tourism and wine production: “I don’t want visitors and our guests to feel at home, I want them to be part of Can Marlès, culture, roots and experiences during their stay, an unforgettable memory”. When you return to Can Marlès, nothing is ever the same…

Our wines


We respect and care about the welfare and preservation of the environment, so our authenticity lies in making natural wines from our own harvest.

Native varieties

We only grow grape varieties that are characteristic of the Penedès: Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Tempranillo, Syrah and Grenache.

Ideal land

The soil of El Montmell is ideal due to its characteristics: limestone and clay, providing all the necessary nutrients to the vineyard.


Our wines have been awarded by different estates, such as the Tastavins del Penedès, Gilbert & Gaillard or the Catavinum World Wine in different editions.

Our winery was born from the passion we feel for nature of the El Montmell Valley. Our vineyards and facilities are located there. Can Marlès is a small numbered production winery of artisan wines that, although not having all the latest machinery, produces its own vintage wines. It is one of the few wineries in the Penedès that has the seal of Vinya Bodega Masía, a group that claims the authentic wines of small quality wineries. With the philosophy of ecological wines, of slow evolution, without haste and monovarietal, we have managed to stand out in the most demanding and sybarite restaurants. They are known as wines with a soul of their own.

The light and expressiveness of Noah Wunsch‘s paintings (1970) inspire us and transfer us to nature itself. An infinity of tonalities can be found in the color of his paintings which recall us of the seasons of the year or the light that fills a state of mind with energy or peace… In them we have been inspired to illustrate our wines. These exceptional paintings give value and speak of our wines as a work of art.

Noah Wunsch is a young painter, photographer and designer from Hamburg. He studied at the University of Music and Art in Vienna. He has made some exhibitions in different countries, one of the most representative “Arc en Ciel” in France. Noah focuses on very colorful and large paintings, being recognized by the most famous connoisseurs of painting, among them Thierry de la Fontaine, who describes him as the painter of energy and light.

Online shop

We want you to enjoy our wines where, when and with who you want to, so we created an online shop to make things easy.

Commerces, where to find our wines

Or, if you prefer, you can go to any of the following establishments where, in addition, you will be advised on the best pairings for the wines.

Wine tourism


At Can Marlès, we are driven by a passion for wine and we want to share it. That is why we open the doors of our estate and winery all over the world.

Practicing sports, hiking or 4×4 routes in the mountains, cycling, horse riding, walks through the vineyards in off-road segways, or activities such as wine and oil tasting, barbecues, crossing the valley in a hot air balloon, arriving by helicopter from any point, visiting castles and monasteries in the area … Do you dare?

Rural accommodation

Can Marlès has launched a restoration project with the aim of protecting the farmhouses abandoned by time, as well as the cultural heritage of Catalonia and the history that each of these buildings hides. We have turned these abandoned stones into high-level rural wine tourism farmhouses, using the noble materials of the time: wood, stone and Catalan stoneware.

Nature lovers and wine enthusiasts will be able to spend unique stays in these houses surrounded by woods and vineyards, in an environment of absolute silence and relaxation, nodding off by the pool or in floating hammocks.

Marc Andreu is the architect responsible for the projects of reform and recovery of the existing historical farmhouses in Can Marlès. The result is magnificent rehabilitations that highlight the architectural heritage that had been implanted in the estate over the centuries.


Marc Andreu Architects is a perfect studio that knows the nature of rural constructions. His work combines respect for tradition and history with obtaining modern and welcoming spaces.

The studio also specializes in wine architecture -with knowledge about the architectural and oenological aspects of these buildings-, and is responsible for the initial project and subsequent expansion of the Can Marlès winery, based on architecture that respects and interacts with the landscape and the environment.

What makes us unique?

Our estate hides jewels that make us completely unique in the whole of the Baix Penedès. Running through our vineyards we have our own particular herd of alpacas, which have created their own personality in our vineyards.. Although, let us warn you, if you come they will steal your heart …

Porsche Tractors

We also have another herd, this one, made of metal: exclusive and authentic 1965 Porsche tractors ready for the harvest. Get behind the wheel of your very own Porsche convertible!
Get behind the wheel of your very own Porsche convertible!

Can Marlès and the sea

We have strong links with the nautical world, which is why Can Marlès takes to the sea in the world of regattas.

Club Can Marlès

For true wine lovers, we have created the Club Can Marlès.
Discover its advantages and exclusive discounts.

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